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What is the best way to clean granite countertops and other stones? 1

What is the best way to clean granite countertops and other stones?

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Granite countertops and quartz countertops are supposed to be sealed upon installation. This method will ensure that your countertops will last a long time, and stay looking brand new.

Granite countertops may be cleaned with a mild phosphate-free, biodegradable liquid dishsoap, soap flakes or powder, which contains aromatics.  Granite should always be cleaned and sealed with cleaning products specifically designed for natural stone.

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One of the things a lot of people, and even fabricators will tell  you, is that you need some special ‘granite-only’ cleaning products. And that’s not true at all! You absolutely do not need some expensive special ‘granite-only’ cleaning products, there is no such thing! While there are granite only  cleaning products, they are not necessary when there is a cheaper alternative. This usually happens when the granite fabricators are trying to up sell you a product they sell. 

When you first get your granite countertops installed, your fabricator will, or at least should, seal the countertops. Usually that’s good for up to a year, depending on the usage of the countertops. After your one year, we recommend that you reseal your granite countertops.

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