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We are a fabricator shop, located in Wayne, MI, specializing in granite, marble, and quartz. We have been serving Michigan for over 15 years. Our service areas include almost all of the lower state of Michigan, going as far as Flint in the north, and Grand Rapids in the west.

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marble and granite express who we are Who is Marble & Granite Express?

We have quickly become the go-to shop for everything granite, marble, and quartz around the metro Detroit area. But we have been working on projects in most of southern part of Michigan.

What cleaners will damage your granite countertops? 1 What cleaners will damage your granite countertops?

As we have mentioned before, granite is a natural stone, and being so, it needs some type of maintenance. Part of this maintenance is also cleaning the granite countertops. The thing however is that there are hundreds of cleaners in the market. So which one do you choose?

granite countertops in dearborn michigan Researching your countertops options

The first phase of getting started on replacing your kitchen countertops is researching your options in order to make a smart choice based on what works for your space and budget.