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Should I go with light or dark color granite countertops? 1

Should I go with light or dark color granite countertops?

Michigan Granite Countertops

Today we’re going to talk about what color granite countertops you should go with. 

Colors of your granite countertops, or any other countertops as a matter of fact, depend on your taste. And most importantly, it depends on what kind of pattern you’re going to want to go with in your kitchen. Most of the warehouses we work with have a showroom where you can take a look at a whole slab, so you can visualize in a way how it’s going to look in your kitchen or bathroom. 

You can also visit our own showroom located at 38680 Michigan Avenue, Wayne, MI 48184 (across from the Wayne Ford Plant). Our friendly office staff has extensive experience in helping our customers choose the best colors/patterns for their project. 

Colors of Granite Countertops

Colors of the most common granite and quartz countertops are usually divided into two categories, light and dark. So there’s really no right or wrong choice between the light and the dark colors, it just depends on the layout of your kitchen, the amount of sunlight your kitchen gets, and the overall color tone of your kitchen, or the color tone you’re trying to go with. 

We recommend visiting one of our warehouses where you’ll be able to pick and choose the slab or slabs your want, as opposed to deciding from a sample, which doesn’t show the whole slab. We suggest that all of our customers visit a warehouse, or at least come into our shop to take a look at the slab before we cut it, in order to assure that the customer is satisfied with the slab, the veins it has, and the patterns. 

*PRO TIP: Granite has a lot of variations, veins, and patterns, so it’s always a good idea to inspect it before it’s cut.