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When is the time to replace my kitchen countertops? 1

When is the time to replace my kitchen countertops?

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Is it time to replace my kitchen countertops?

Replacing your kitchen countertops requires a lot of planning and researching. Today we’re going to talk about when is the best time to replace the countertops in your kitchen. There are some factors you should consider in order to ensure you get the look you love, that works for your space, and your budget. You have to remember, you’re going to be living with these countertops, so make sure it’s something you absolutely love.

The only suggestion we have for you is that you’ll know when it’s time to replace to countertops in the kitchen. You get that gut feeling that the current countertops are just plain old, and some new ones are needed. If your current countertops aren’t matching your design vision, they’re pretty much breaking apart, and they’re becoming to difficult to maintain, that’s when it’s time.

Replace? What about repairing?

This depends on your budget. If money is really tight, then you might wanna consider repairing your current countertops. Of course, this depends on how badly the countertops are damaged, and if they’re even repairable. If they’re damaged beyond repair, then you will need to replace them. We suggest consulting with an expert before deciding to replace them altogether, as there are tools and kits to repair pretty much all types of countertops.

Do some sketching and measuring

Take out a piece of paper and draw out a sketch that represents the countertop placement of your kitchen. Make sure to mark off sections, sink countertops, continuous parts of the countertops, the sides with backsplash, if any, and also the sides that will need to be polished. 

Then start measuring and writing down the numbers. The standard cabinets are 24″ wide, so with the overhang you’re looking at about 25 3/4″. This would be the width of a countertop piece. Make sure you also measure the length. Then multiply the width by the length (usually these would be in inches), then from that divide by 144 in order to get the square footage. Do this step for all your pieces, and add them up. If you have an L shape kitchen, you want to divide the L shape into two pieces, in order to get an accurate measurement.

Pro tip: Having an approximate idea of how many square feet you have in your kitchen will help you a lot on your quest to finding the perfect countertop.

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