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what is great about granite countertops

Granite Countertops! What’s so great about granite anyway?

Granite countertops have been the top choice in kitchen for decades now. But what’s so great about granite anyway? What’s so special about it? Today we take a look at this question that most of you might be wondering.

Granite countertops offer a richness and depth that bring a real sense of luxury to the kitchen, or where ever it’s used around your house. It offers a unique beauty that’s timeless.marble and granite express beautiful granite

One of the best things about granite is that every slab of granite is completely unique in its own way. Even from the same quarry, no two slabs will ever be 100% the same. That’s why we always recommend tagging your slabs! Granite is made up of many different types of crystals, and the color of the granite varies, depending on the minerals found on the stone. Some of the most common colors include white, gray, black, pink, and orange. But don’t be surprised to see some green, brown, and blue on your granite countertops occasionally.

Another great thing about granite is that it’s a very hard, natural stone. That makes it very durable and  resistant to scratches and high temperatures. Here’s a fun fact: granite is so strong, that cutting on it will damage your knife before it harms your countertops.

do not use countertopsBut in order for granite to maintain its shine, look, and  durability, you have to be careful with what you put on top of your countertops. You will want to use caution with acidic juices such as lemon juice, vinegar, or wine. These acidic juices can harm your granite countertops.

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