10 Facts About Granite

Last week we took a look at some stuff that made granite great! But there is more to granite, so today we’re going to take a look at 10 facts about granite and granite countertops.

Granite Fact #1:

Granite is a completely natural stone, which means it came from the earth, and is not man made. Be careful, as there are many man made products designed and created to look just like natural granite. The rock itself is a igneous rock, which means it was created by volcanoes. It is also very strong.

Granite Fact #2:

Granite is made from a combination of materials. It’s made of feldspar, mica, and quarts. There are also other minerals that are commonly found in it, which determine the color and variations of the granite itself.

Granite Fact #3:

There is a couple of ways to extract granite from earth. One of the most commons is done by blasting the granite from rock quarries or granite quarries in large blocks. Then these large blocks are cut into smaller portions. A big part of the mining process is determining which colors go together.

Granite Fact #4:

Granite itself isn’t really a solid piece. It had really tiny spaces between the material and because of this it is porous. They’re often called pits, and they don’t weaken the slab, but are common because of its nature.

Granite Fact #5:

One of the other common characteristics that is found in granite is fissures. A granite fissure is a separation in the granite, and they’re visible. They look like they are cracks, but in reality they are not, and do not weaken the granite. In fact, these fissures are one of the reasons why so many people love granite countertops in their home.

Granite Fact #6:

Even though granite is very strong, it can still be broken. In fact, because granite isn’t flexible, it can be broken when it’s dropped. It can also chip and crack if large or heavy objects fall on granite. So we advice that you don’t drop heavy objects on your granite countertops.

Granite Fact #7:

One thing to remember when cutting food on top of your granite countertops without a cutting board is that the granite is stronger than your knife. So if you want to keep your knives in perfect shape, we suggest you use a cutting board. We feel like it’s a lot less messy, also!

Granite Fact #8:

Does granite need to be sealed? Yes! Granite is a natural product and has pours. Because of this, it needs to be sealed, so the chemicals and the material doesn’t get into the granite. It is recommended that you seal your granite countertops every year. Remember, sealing your countertops save you money, as it helps the countertops retain its shine and durability.

Granite Fact #9:

Is there radon in granite? Yes! There is a little amount of radon found in granite, but before you panic, you should know that there isn’t enough to cause any problems. As a matter of fact that amount is so small, that it won’t register on radon scale tests. So nothing to worry about there!

Granite Fact #10:

Did you know that granite has been around our kitchens and homes for a really long time? Hundreds of years in fact. So if you don’t have granite countertops in your home yet, you are hundreds of years behind! 😀

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